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Simple Quiz Speeds Diagnosis of Autism in Infants


May 1, 2011 · PTENLife · 2 Comments
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  1. Andrea Rowe - July 18, 2011

    How interesting! I began noticing Hannah’s verbal delays at 18 months. Since I have a psychology background, I didn’t have the lax approach that she would catch up like her dad and my mom did. Anyway, the doctor said he had to diagnose her with it for our medical to cover her treatment but there was a chance he was wrong. It’s interesting because we took her for a neuropsych evaluation earlier this month and confirmed she has some executive functioning deficits (just like I do actually). This site is very neat–I like the focus on the scholarly aspect of Cowden’s. I know I’ll visit here a lot as we continue our journeys.

  2. PTENLife - July 19, 2011

    Thanks for your comment and please let us know if you come across any information that we should post.

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